Hi! This is my shop, Wis Frogga. Or at least, it will be soon. I’m still setting up my workspace and this website, but I’m planning to open officially soon! Thanks for your patience until then!

The shop will offer jewellery, accessories, stationery and artwork. Although, there may only be a few items available in the beginning while the shop is still finding its feet.

My interests lie with LARP (live-action roleplay) and alternative fashion like goth, steampunk, etc. So, you will find things here that appeal to larpy, gothy, and witchy type people – but, even if you are not into those things, I hope you will find something here you like!

I’m excited for you to see what’s coming! For now, there are some preview photos in the gallery of some of the things I’ve got so far. If you wish to contact me or find the Wis Frogga social media pages, please use the contact page.

Please note that I am only one person, and I am first and foremost an artist, rather than a business. Some of the items for sale are unique pieces with upcycled or end of line materials, so I won’t be able to reproduce them once they’re gone. However, if you would like something that is no longer listed (or never was listed) please do get in touch and I’ll do my best 🙂